The WMS promise

WMS – a natural fit. has been the German Shoe Institute’s seal of quality for proven children’s shoes and measuring children’s feet for more than 40 years. Changes in children’s feet are being constantly checked in scientific studies and integrated into WMS a naturalfit. in order to give you and your child the highest degree of security and reliability when buying children’s shoes.

High-quality children’s shoes

The WMS – a natural fit. seal of quality stands for high-quality children’s shoes. WMS shoes support the natural development of children’s feet. Children’s shoes cannot be too short or significantly too long, too narrow or too wide so that the feet can grow healthily. High-quality WMS children’s shoes make it possible for children to play, run and romp around unhindered. WMS children’s shoes have space for the feet to unroll and grow. WMS a natural fit.  also functions as a guideline for proven quality standards and well-fitting children’s shoes for selected children’s shoe manufacturers. WMS children’s shoe manufacturers meet in the WMS work group at regular intervals to preserve quality standards and to further the development of WMS a natural fit .

Good children’s shoes

Quality is especially important when it comes to children’s shoes because children usually move around significantly more than adults. Good children’s shoes therefore have flexible soles to adapt to the natural rolling motion of healthy children’s feet. They are made of breathable materials to enable a healthy environment for the feet and of course do not contain any substances that are harmful to children. WMS – a natural fit. stands for fit, quality and naturalness.

Well-fitting children’s shoes

Finding well-fitting shoes for your child is almost child’s play because there are WMS measuring devices that offer parents and children security and reliability. A trained sales force filled with experts in finding the right fit makes selecting well-fitting shoes easier. WMS trains more than 500 sales people annually to become experts in finding the right fit, awarding them with the WMS diploma. The right fit can ultimately be seen in how well the child walks in the shoes and how well the shoe sits on the foot during checks.To find the right shoes for your child, it is absolutely essential that the feet and the size of the shoe are first measured.