Kind liegt barfuß auf Blumenwiese

Welcome to WMS – a natural fit.

Finding suitable shoes

Buying suitable children’s shoes is (almost) child’s play with the WMS child’s foot measuring system. Parents and paediatricians know: the WMS system, developed by orthopaedists, gives the most accurate measurement.

WMS – a natural fit!

Because WMS licences are only awarded to qualified, high-quality children’s shoe brands. WMS – a natural fit.

Measuring children’s feet.

How and where do I take the right measurement? You can have your children's feet measured in accordance with WMS in specialist shops and are guaranteed to find the right, well-fitting children’s shoes.

Small feet – big miracle

Sound familiar? Looking at your child’s small feet and being fascinated... It is almost unbelievable that they will go all the way through life on these delicate feet. They will successfully do so if their feet are well looked after in the first few years of their life. And there is a lot that you as parents can do to help.

One step ahead – putting your child on healthy feet

98% of all children come into this world with healthy feet – unfortunately only one third of adults have healthy feet that are not deformed. There are different reasons for this. However, scientists confirm that naturally training the feet and shoes that fit properly are important requirements for healthy feet.

A baby moves his or her feet when lying down and sitting, initially in a playful and often reflexive way. In doing so, he or she is already intuitively training muscles, ligaments and tendons. The feet should therefore not be constricted by either shoes or tightly-fitted socks. Your child also strengthens his or her leg muscles by crawling and standing. They hold on and take their first sideways steps, their feet exploring the ground in the process, perhaps standing on their tiptoes and training in a playful way. Shoes are not recommended at this time because they restrict training and the ability to move. Even when you child can walk and has good shoes, let him or her walk around barefoot as often as possible to sustainably strengthen the foot muscles.